Lord Sawaliya Seth is said to be related to Meera Bai. According to legends, Sawaliya Seth Meera Bai had same Girdhar Gopal whom she used to worship. Meera Bai used to visit these idols in the tribe of Saint Mahatmas. There was a similar kind of a priest named Dayaram who had this idol.
It is said that when the Mughal army of Aurangzeb was breaking the temples, when the Mughal troops reached the state of Mewar, they came to know about these idols, then Saint Dayaram Ji, with the inspiration from Lord Prabhu, inspired these idols to have the roof of Baggad-Bhadosouda (open ground) At the bottom of a banyan tree, the pit was placed in the dig, and after the passage of time, the observation of Saint Dayaram Ji came.

According to the legends, in the year 1840, a dream came to Gwalam of Bhandarda Gurjar, a resident of Mandafia village, that the idol of Bhadosoda-Bagund village is in the ground floor of the Bhadroda, when the excavation was done in the land, when Bholaram’s dream was correct And the same 3 idols appeared out there. All the idols were very handsome. Seeing this, the news spread to all the people and the nearby people reached the proximity.

Then, with the consensus, the largest statue of 3 was taken to Bhadosoda village, in Bhadosoda, the most famous gentleman of the Sutara caste, Prajiji Bhagat used to live. In his direction, the temple of Sawaliya ji was built on behalf of Bhindar Thikana of Udaipur Mewar Raj-family. This temple is the oldest temple, hence it is known as Sawaliya Seth ancient temple. The majali statue was established in place of the same excavation, it is also called the Praktya Sutra Mandir. The smallest statue was taken by Bholaram Gujjar to Mandafia village, which he started in the house and started the worship.

In time, grand temples were built everywhere. The fame of the three temples also spread far and wide. Even today, lakhs of travelers travel far and wide to visit Mr. Sawaliya Seth.