His famous temple of Shri Khatu Shyam ji is in Sikar district of Jasthan. Though there is no count of devotees of Khatu Shyam Baba, but in particular there are more business class like Vaish, Marwadi.

hatu Shyam ji’s real name is Barbarik. According to a story of Mahabharata, Burrabik’s head was buried in Khatu Nagar of Rajasthan state. That is why Barbarik ji’s name became famous as Khatu Shyam Baba. Currently known as Khatunagar Sikar district. Khatu Shyam Baba ji is considered as the incarnation of Lord Krishna in Kaliyug.

Shyam Baba is the son of Ghatotakch and Nagaknya Nag Kanya Mauravi. Among the five Pandavas, the most powerful Bhim and his wife, Hidimba Barabrik, were grandparents. It is said that at birth, Barbriq’s hair was similar to Babbar Lion, hence his name was barbaryak.

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Barbarik was a brave and stunning child in childhood. Barbaric had acquired mastery from Lord Shri Krishna and his mother, Mauravi, by studying skill, skill and skill. Barbaric had done terrible penance of Lord Shiva, as a result of which Lord Shiva provided 3 miraculous arrows to Barbarik. For this reason Barbarik’s name is also famous as the three arrows. Lord Agnidew gave Barbaric a divine bow, from which he was able to conquer the three worlds.

When Berbrik got the information about the war of Kauravas-Pandavas, he also decided to take part in the war. Barbouric blessed his mother and left for a promise to support the loser party. Due to this promise, Sahara Baba Shyam, our story, became famous.

When Barbaric was going, he found a Brahmin on the way. This Brahmin was none other than Lord Krishna, who wanted to take examination of Barbrique. Brahmin became Shri Krishna questioning Barbarik that he was going to fight by taking only 3 arrows? How can a war fight with just 3 arrows?

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Barbaric said that one of his arrows is capable of ending the enemy army and after this the arrows will not be destroyed and will return to their quiver. Therefore, if the use of all three arrows, then the entire universe can be destroyed.

The Brahmin pointed to Barbarik from a peepal tree and said that he crossed through all the leaves of the tree with an arrow. Berbrik left an arrow after meditating God. That arrow pierced all the leaves of Peepal and after that the Brahman started turning around Brahmin’s feet towards Krishna’s feet.

In fact, Krishna hid a leaf under his feet. Barbarik realized that the arrow was going round the feet of Brahmin to pierce the same leaf. Barbaric said – O Brahmin, remove your leg, otherwise it will pierce your feet.

Shri Krishna was pleased with Barbarik’s feat They punch that Barberik will fight on behalf of which side. Barbarik said that he has set a party to fight, he will only fight on behalf of the losing side according to his promise. Shri Krishna became enlightened by hearing this because he was aware of this word of Barbarik.

Kurus had planned that they would fight with less army on the first day of the war. This will cause Kurus to defeat in the war, due to which Barbaric will come to fight from the Kurus. If Burberry will fight on the Kurus, their miraculous arrows will destroy the Pandavas.

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Having failed to plan for Kurus, Krishna, a Brahmin, sought the promise of a donation from Barbarik. Berbruck promised to donate. Now Brahmin told Barbarik that he needed a barbarian head in donation. Barbaric was surprised to hear the demand of this unique donation and understood that this Brahmin is not an ordinary person. Barbaric prayed that he would surely donate his mirror according to the promised promise, but first Brahmin God would appear in his true form.

Lord Krishna appeared in his true form. Barbarik said, “O God, I am a soldier to give my pillow but my desire to see my war with my eyes.” Shri Krishna Barbarik blessed with the promise of Berbruk and blessed him to fulfill his wish. Barbaric cut off his mirror and gave it to Krishna. Shri Krishna sprinkled the head of Barbrique with the 14 ladies from Amrit and placed it on a hill near the battlefield, from where the barbarians could see the battle. After this, Krishna performed the cremation of the barbarians with a scientific method.

The great war of Mahabharata ended

Pandav was victorious. After the victory, Pandavas started to debate that the warrior goes to the warrior. Shri Krishna said – Since the Burberik is witnessing this war, therefore the answer to this question should be known from them. Then Paramveer Barbarik said that the credit of the victory of this war goes to Shri Krishna alone, because all this has only been possible due to the excellent warfare of Shri Krishna. Everything behind the victory was the same illusion of Shri Krishna.

By this verse of Barbouric the gods used to rain flowers on the barbarians and sing songs of praise to them. Shri Krishna Veer was very pleased with Barbarik’s greatness and he said, “O heroic barbriak you are great. From today on my blessings, you will be known by my name Shyam. In Kali Yuga, you will be worshiped in Krishna avatar and fulfill the wishes of your devotees.

Lord Shri Krishna’s word has been proved and today we also see that Lord Shri Khatu Shyam Baba constantly keeps his blessings on his devotees.